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Learn the Rules of Engagement!

As more and more sports become popular and internationally diverse, college scholarships are harder and harder to come by. In order to give yourself a chance to compete in any sport at the collegiate level, you absolutely must have a plan and the determination to carry out that said plan. This is where S.PA.A.R.C. comes in to play.

A common example that I use to explain the importance of planning is asking what the admissions requirements are at a student-athlete’s dream school. When I have the opportunities to recruit student-athletes, I always ask them, “what do you want out of basketball?” The sad part is that often this answer goes unanswered or is answered with uncertainty. If you are a student-athlete or a parent of a student-athlete, I ask you to answer this same question. What do you want in exchange for competing in your sport of choice?

If you answered a scholarship, that is an excellent answer. Now how do you achieve this goal? The answer is easy, have a plan. This plan needs to be flawless because of the following statistics:

Boys playing in High School: Basketball Baseball Football Soccer

Playing in any College Division 17:1 9:1 12:1 13:1

Playing NCAA Division I 107:1 47:1 39:1 87:1

Playing Professional Sports 1,860:1 764:1 603:1 835:1

Girls playing in High School: Basketball Softball Volleyball Soccer

Playing in any College Division 16:1 12:1 16:1 10:1

Playing NCAA Division I 88:1 62:1 88:1 45:1

Playing Professional Sports 3,416:1 764:1 603:1 1,756:1

Statistics compiled from http://scholarshipstats.com/varsityodds.html

These numbers are not meant to discourage student-athletes from aspiring to to play college sports. These numbers are meant to encourage student-athletes to compete with themselves to be their absolute best and realize the difficulty in landing an opportunity to play college sports.

Before a student-athlete steps onto a high school campus, they need to understand that each class that they take is important. Before considering the strenuous college admissions requirements at each college or university, they need to consider the NCAA Core Courses, Core Course GPA, and SAT/ACT Test scoring system (the free SAT/ACT test resources available) and the sliding scale (among other requirements). If they don’t understand that system and meet the NCAA Eligibility Requirements while in high school, they cannot compete at the NCAA Division I or II level. The NAIA level of college athletics also has its own eligibility requirements.

If you don’t know those requirements, then how serious are you about landing a college athletic scholarship?

Become a S.P.A.A.R.C. member and learn the rules to the game. People do not luck their way into scholarships. Scholarships are earned. Not given!

SPAARC and it's affiliates do not guarantee college recruitment nor do we guarantee acceptance to any college. We provide academic advising to improve the chances of college recruitment and acceptance. SPAARC and it's affiliates do not endorse all statements of interview participants, as they are the opinions of the interview participants and do not reflect, nor represent SPAARC in their entirety. All numbers gathered for information are subject to change, therefore, SPAARC uses numbers gathered from external sources that may have inaccuracies for which SPAARC and it's affiliates do not take responsibility. All individual content is owned and copyrighted by SPAARC and may not be duplicated without prior written consent.