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Do You Have A Plan To Receive A College Scholarship?

"A Dream Without A Plan is Just A Wish."

- Katherine Paterson

My name is Ryon Rodgers, and I am the founder of S.P.A.A.R.C. I have worked in high school and college athletics since 2003, and I have worked in various aspects of college admissions for four years. Coaching has always been my passion, because investing time, knowledge, and faith into young, aspiring student-athletes can change not only their lives, but the lives of the student-athletes of past, present, and future generations.

Playing college sports is a life-developing and life-changing experience. Best of all, those that invest into their sport/craft can potentially receive scholarship offers from various colleges. What the majority of student-athletes do not realize is that the recruitment process begins far before you step foot on a high school campus. As a Community College Basketball Coach, I regularly interact with high school student-athletes that are unsure of whether they are in position to qualify for an athletic scholarship.This is why I founded S.P.A.A.R.C. - because every student should fully understand the academic aspect of college recruitment!

So, what is S.P.A.A.R.C.? It stands for Student Preparation for Academic and Athletiic Recruitment Coaching. My singular goal in founding S.P.A.A.R.C. was to create an academic plan for every high school student-athlete, that allows them to qualify for academic and athletic scholarships. As college tuition costs continue to skyrocket, scholarship acceptance is the perfect way to combat the rising tuition epidemic!

Let's face it - our high school counselors, coaches, and administrators are overworked and underpaid! Their student caseloads are massive, and it is easy for student-athletes to fall behind academically, without notice until it is too late to correct the issues that prevent college admission and scholarship acceptance. S.P.A.A.R.C. educates families on NCAA, NAIA, NJCCAA, and CCCAA academic and athletic admissions and scholarship requirements.Our detailed high school action plan educates you about everything that you need to know to be a college scholarship qualifier!

While excelling at a particular sport is useful, being recruited to college involves far more than playing travel or club ball, getting good grades, and getting satisfactory SAT scores. It involves knowing which classes are required and the grades necessary in those classes. It involves knowing how to recruit yourself to potential colleges at every level available. It involves understanding every financial aspect of paying for tuition, housing, and much more. There are also many schools that may only offer partial scholarships; however, with the right academic approach, those same schools may be able to cover the leftover cost of college attendance by offering academic financial assistance.

Just as it's important to train and prepare for college athletics physically, it is just as vital to have a plan for other aspects of recruitment, to ensure that you qualify to receive a scholarship. Do not move forward without a plan!

SPAARC and it's affiliates do not guarantee college recruitment nor do we guarantee acceptance to any college. We provide academic advising to improve the chances of college recruitment and acceptance. SPAARC and it's affiliates do not endorse all statements of interview participants, as they are the opinions of the interview participants and do not reflect, nor represent SPAARC in their entirety. All numbers gathered for information are subject to change, therefore, SPAARC uses numbers gathered from external sources that may have inaccuracies for which SPAARC and it's affiliates do not take responsibility. All individual content is owned and copyrighted by SPAARC and may not be duplicated without prior written consent.