The process

Your Questions Answered

how does spaarc assist with recruitment?

There are a variety of requirements that high school student-athletes must complete, in order to become eligible for NCAA, NAIA, and post-high-school recruitment. SPAARC evaluates your high school transcripts to ensure that the necessary high school courses are completed with the proper GPA (Grade Point Averages). This keeps you on schedule to successfully complete all requirements by the time you are to be recruited.

Other than high school course evaluation, what does SPAARC assist with?

In addition to getting good grades, high school student-athletes are required to complete various steps outside of the classroom to improve their eligibility for successful college recruitment and admission. These steps include, but are not limited to: completing PSAT testing, SAT testing, ACT testing, NCAA clearinghouse, and NAIA clearinghouse, all before certain, very important deadlines. To improve college admissions rates, each score is closely tied to a GPA requirement. SPAARC works with you one-on-one to register for all required testing and clearinghouse procedures, to meet required deadlines.

How does spaarc help me pay for college?

SPAARC not only assists high school student-athletes with the academic requirements needed for college recruitment and acceptance; SPAARC helps them qualify for maximum financial aid, by working with families to complete all financial aid forms. Did you know that if athletic scholarships do not cover your tuition, academic scholarships are available to help you pay for college? Financial Aid advising should begin far before you apply for college. Be sure that you are ready!

SPAARC and it's affiliates do not guarantee college recruitment nor do we guarantee acceptance to any college. We provide academic advising to improve the chances of college recruitment and acceptance. SPAARC and it's affiliates do not endorse all statements of interview participants, as they are the opinions of the interview participants and do not reflect, nor represent SPAARC in their entirety. All numbers gathered for information are subject to change, therefore, SPAARC uses numbers gathered from external sources that may have inaccuracies for which SPAARC and it's affiliates do not take responsibility. All individual content is owned and copyrighted by SPAARC and may not be duplicated without prior written consent.